November is a great time to check out Moab, Utah. Two national parks,
Arches and Canyonlands, are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from each
other. It is warm enough to hike around without getting too hot, and in November there are less tourists.
Arches has great, well, rock arches. The most famous one is called
delicate arch. The red rock is one of the designs on the Utah license
plate. Although it was fall, during our hike to delicate arch in the
middle of the day, the sun beat down mercilessly. I wasn’t in fear of
overheating as much as getting a sunburn. The trail is all uphill on a
giant rock slab. Great shoes and water is a definite must-have.

One of my favorite rock formations in the park was called the three
gossips. It looks like three rock ladies in a posture of sharing juicy
information with each other. Petroglyphs (ancient pictures on the rocks)
are scattered all over the park.
I don’t think I would have found the hike as fun if it were summer and the
temperature were in the triple digits. At arches, we drove through the
park and stopped at all sorts of trailheads along the way. There are signs
marking how far it is to the arch or other formation. Most of the time,
it is not a far distance (I’m meaning like an eighth of a mile or more).
At one of the stops, my husband found the perfect place to take his shoes
off and dig his toes in the soft, cool sand. It was quite a refreshing
spot to rest after the delicate arch hike.
There is a quiet beauty to the desert that cannot be found anywhere else.
I think this is a one-of-a-kind place that is great to experience at least
once in a lifetime. However, I look forward to going back again.


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