Moab, Utah

Besides going to the famous national parks, Moab, Utah had other fun things to
try. This area is known for world-class bicycling on the flat rocks, but
there are numerous bike paths of all difficulty levels. Around town it’s
easy to find a few places to rent bicycles, but since we had our vacation
on a short holiday weekend, we decided to skip it this time.
We did walk on one path along the Colorado river and the way the cliffs
were reflected on the mirror surface of the water made it very beautiful.
I saw rock graffiti from the year 1916 carved into a cliff.

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At night there is a very charming backyard theater in the center of town
called Rick’s Magic Show. The illusionist is great with kids and as an
adult I found the show entertaining. My husband was selected to
participate in one of the tricks. We’re still trying to figure out how it


A lot of the old Western movies were filmed around Moab. There is the Moab
Museum of Film and Western Heritage at a resort called Red Cliffs Lodge, a
hotel located a short distance outside of Moab. It’s free, and you browse
all of the museum exhibits at your own pace. Coming here feels like deja
vu because much of the scenery has been used in so many films and is

Our star attraction to Moab was the Canyonlands By Night and Day dinner
cruise. It’s a boat ride on the Colorado River that provides dinner and
entertaining stories as you travel through the Canyonlands. Apparently
there’s a laser show too. The sorrow of our journey was that our trip was
cancelled. Since it was November, the company did not have enough people
to run the cruise. It was definitely the activity that I would most want
to do if we returned to Moab.
There is a famous tourist attraction called Moab Hole in the Rock. It’s a
unique home carved out of the rock. Although, this was another stop that
we had to pass on because of our lack of time.
Also, there are numerous ATV and RZR type vehicles to rent. They are a bit
pricey, but you can experience great back country adventures. We passed
because we were already having a great time without it.

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Moab is known for its darkness. By no means do I mean anything sinister, I
mean that it is literally dark when you travel outside of the town. This
makes the stargazing experience one of the best in the nation. We grabbed
a couple pillows and a blanket and headed out to see the greatest sight of
all, billions upon trillions of stars.


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