Trampoline Parks

Because my puma-husband works for a trampoline park company, we like to go
jumping on occasion.

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There are quite a few of these parks across the nation and more are
springing up all the time. If you have never been to a trampoline park,
they are giant warehouse type buildings that house a room full of
You pay per the hour and they give you a colored wristband. You also have
to buy special socks with these sticky grips on the bottom that help you
jump. Inside the arena, they have trampoline dodgeball and basketball.
There are a couple ropes courses where you can either swing into a foam
pit or you can try to move across a rope ladder without losing your
balance and falling into the foam pit.

There is an area where you can try your balancing skills by walking across
a tightrope. My husband is pretty good at balance, considering the fact
that his nickname is puma. Another section has an obstacle course where
you and one other person race to the finish. It reminds me of that old
television show “American Gladiator.”

The trampoline company does have employees dressed up in referee outfits
called “lifeguards.” They monitor the arena and are sticklers for
following the rules. They do not allow double jumping, which is when you
time two short jumps in such a way that you cause a person next to you to
go flying.
Outside the arena, they have rooms you can reserve for kids birthday
parties or special events.
My husband assures me that ten minutes of jumping is the equivalent
workout of running two hours. After jumping, I can fully believe it. My
little brother, who normally has limitless energy, found his match at the
trampoline park. He too, was tuckered out after jumping. Also, my brother/sister-in-law were down for the count.

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It’s a fun activity though, and I highly recommend it (at night though
because you will want to sleep when you are done).


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