A Cold Sun Dance

Park City is a small ski town outside of Salt Lake City. It has the largest ski resort in the nation and the freshest powder. Park City hosted the winter Olympics, however many umpteen years ago that was.

In addition, the Sundance Film Festival is hosted in Park City every January. It becomes quite the whoop-de-doo of who’s who.

Sundance theater

A coworker told me that us regular folk can get in to see the shows and mingle with the high up muckity mucks. They even give out free “swag” promotional items to us commoners. He whipped out his $40 water bottle that he was given for free and I could see it positively glisten under our office work lights.

I convinced Puma to try to see a film and get our share of swag. However, since we didn’t buy tickets months in advance like the die-hard fans do, we had to download the Sundance eWaitlist app.

sundance waitlist

Basically, the movies “open up” two hours before their scheduled showtime. You hit the button to join the eWaitlist and you are given a number. Depending on the size of the theater, there is a limited number of tickets. You have to be at the theater 30 minutes before the show or you get bumped to the back of the eWaitlist line. They let ticket holders in first and at the showtime they count how many empty seats are in the theater. Then, they let in that number of eWaitlisters. Sometimes there may be 70+ people, or other times they may let in only 5 people. It just depends how many people who bought real tickets show up to the movie. (In our case, we waited in line with about a hundred other hopefuls, just to find out at the end that only five people were the lucky ones. Darn-the-hide!)

Park City is in the mountains. The thing about mountains is they get cold and snowy in the winter. Also, it gets dark early in the winter. This small, ski town definitely has a parking shortage. They came up with a bus system to help people get around. Puma and I tried to give it a whirl. We parked half a century away from civilization and walked to a bus stop. (My hot-blooded husband thought he would be okay in a hoodie instead of a winter coat, although I shouldn’t judge because I had horrible flats walking on ice and snow). Low and behold, a bus came just as all feeling was leaving my fingers and toes.

The bus is very crowded.

Sundance Bus

It’s very hard to see outside because there is a glare on the windows and it is dark. With the noise of the masses, it’s hard to hear stops.

Long story short, Puma and I never made it to the films.

On a happy note, we were able to browse the shops and I tried on a fur coat that was worth more than a house.



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