Ice Castle

In January my husband and I went with his family to the Ice Castle in Midway, Utah.

It’s a man-made structure of ice and has corridors that you walk through.

They sell tickets ahead of time on their website and you have to book a time to walk through. I think our tickets were $10 per person, but my family might have found a groupon. Honestly, we tried to go in December but a snow storm came in when we wanted to see it and we had to reschedule, which wasn’t the easiest task. I don’t think the people running the show are the best at communication.

They shine different colored lights on the wall and play music (like the theme song to the movie Frozen).

This year we went and they had fire dancers in the middle of the “throne” room area. It’s a big courtyard in the middle of the castle.

Sorry for my blurry picture below, but the dancers were pretty speedy with the fire.


The walls of the castle are fairly tall and they created two slides. They give you a flat plastic mat and you slide down the wall in this tunnel-looking thing.


It’s a good idea to wear boots and layers because the ice can get cold on your feet in no time. My husband was clever enough to think about bringing hand warmers for us.

The ice castle is on a resort property. They had bonfires and chairs set up, which we used to warm ourselves.


The most intriguing part of this experience was the Homestead Crater. It’s a giant mound that looks like a humongous anthill. There is a hole in the top of it. Inside the crater is a hot spring and you walk in and see scuba divers. Apparently it is quite deep and people come here to get scuba certified. It’s only $18 to scuba or $15 to soak in the hot spring for an hour.



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