Meet Puma and Kay Kay

A puma is a big cat that is prone to wandering in and out of mountains. It is also a fitting name for a husband who is full of a wanderlust drive for new sights. I married my “Puma” almost two years ago. He was like a tumbleweed bouncing from California to Utah to Texas to Oklahoma to Kansas. I lived in Wisconsin at the time when I hooked him. I reeled him in and tried to domesticate him; but if there is one thing I have learned, it is Pumas cannot stop their roaming.

My Puma persuaded me to leave the familiar Wisconsin homeland and head west with him towards adventure. Our migration landed us in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With new sights to see and places to visit, we cannot be held back. This blog is a chronicle of our adventures. We seem to stumble our way into beautiful locations and fun events, but hopefully our adventures will give inspiration to the more prepared in planning excursions.

-The Kay Kay


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